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The Koi Carp - Chatibuky

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The Koi Carp

A4 print. 300 grs paper.

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When I read "Take a breath! Mindfulness: The art of keeping calm in the middle of the storm" by the great Mario Alonso Puig, he mentions an oriental myth about the koi carp. A myth where it transforms from a fish in to a dragon. The story is about a school of carp swimming the yellow river against the current and some very bad spirits hindered their passage, putting up much more resistance. For more than 100 years the carp tried to cross the river, from beginning to end. That is when many of them gave up the attempt and turned downstream which was a pity. However, there was one that in the end jumped and passed through the Dragon's gate that was at the end of the river. As a reward for her effort and her perseverance, the Gods transformed her into a dragon. Then she flew over the entire river so that the others could see the fruit of their efforts and her reward. Apparently, the legend says that every spring the carp all go together up the river, but only 71 make it, and of those 71, only one goes through the Dragon's Gate, which with its flight, brings rain to the region.

I know that we all have our bad moments, but for me, they have been bad years, looking for new solutions and treatments for my injury. I should say that we have to try to be dragons, but no, there are times when you can settle for reaching the door with the 71 carp, even if I don't jump and I'm not the dragon, having reached the door is enough.

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